2013-14 Bobblehead Info

West View Tennis Center's Saturday afternoon Bobblehead league is our most popular league. A quick description of the rules and the way the league works follows:

1) Play runs on Saturday afternoons from 12:30-2, 2-3:30, 3:30-5, and 5-6:30. An email is sent to all players early in the week to find out who is and is not available, and at what times. Choose 1 or more times to play and reply to the email so we know who is available to play.

2) This is a doubles league. However, depending upon who is available, you might play men's, women's, and/or mixed doubles.                            

3) Play as a full time or part time player.  Full time players pay a flat $175+tax and can play as many of the 27 week season as they like;            part time  players simply pay $15+tax (students $12 + tax) and can pick and choose the weeks they wish to play. Prices include court time, a new  can of balls, and bottled water. If you play more than 1 match, the cost is $10+tax for matches other than your first.

4) My wife and I put  together snacks, finger food, and hot foods like chili or pulled pork when the weather turns cold for the players to enjoy      before or after play.

 5) West View puts the matches together by sending a Thursday or Friday email that lists the Saturday Bobblehead lineup. The lineups are also    put on the web site lineup page. 

6) Penalties and Deadlines: If you cancel the Bobblehead match that has been scheduled for you less than 24 hours in advance, you are                responsible for your cost of the match: $15+ tax (whether full or part time player), or for finding someone to play for you; and players have until the end of October to decide whether to play on a full or part time basis - if you switch to full time, you'll be credited for the money you've paid thus far in the season.  In addition, your team will incur a 2 point penalty for the late cancellation.                                 

 6) Players are divided into 6 teams. You play matches on behalf of your team: 1 point if you play, 2 points if you win.  If you play more than 1        time: 1/2 point if you play, 1 point if you win for your matches other than your first match.  All players on the winning team at the end of the year win Bobblehead trophies.

7) The 27 week season runs from October to April, excluding WVU home football games.  WVU home football game Saturdays are unofficial       weeks: they don't count in the standings, and the court fee is only $12+tax for those who would like to play.                                                                                                                                                 



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